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How to Use Flick’s ‘Hashtags Used’ Smart Collection
How to Use Flick’s ‘Hashtags Used’ Smart Collection

A brief guide on how you can get the most out Flick's 'Hashtags Used' Smart Collection.

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Understanding which hashtags are working best can be a daunting task, but now we’ve made it easier than ever! Analyzing and reading your used hashtags is vital in order to keep your hashtag strategy on track. Flick’s new ‘Hashtags Used’ Smart Collection will allow you to quickly see each and every hashtag you’ve used, alongside the key metrics you need to evaluate their effectiveness.

What Is the ‘Hashtags Used’ Smart Collection?

Whenever you use a hashtag, we’ll add it to a Smart Collection called ‘Hashtags Used.’ Flick will store important information such as, how many times you’ve used the hashtag, the percentage of times you’ve ranked on it and other essential metrics. This will help you establish which hashtags are working best no matter how often they’ve been featured on your posts.

How to Get the Most Out of ‘Hashtags Used’

If you’re looking for hashtags you know you can rely on, this is the place to go. Next to each hashtag in this Collection, you can see both your hashtag performance data and the standard hashtag data for every hashtag you’ve used in a post over the last 6 months.

You can sort hashtags that are in the Collection by any of these metrics, making it even easier for you to find hashtags that have worked well for you in the past. For example, if you wanted to find the hashtag that you have used the most, you would click the ‘Times Used’ header, and the table will show hashtags that you’ve used most frequently in order of most to least used.

How Does This Help Your Strategy?

Using top-performing hashtags is the aim of any good hashtag strategy, and we often mention how using ranking hashtags can help you ‘climb the ladder’ and enable you to start performing on larger hashtags.

By having a clear understanding of which hashtags are ranking, and more importantly, how often those hashtags rank, you’ll be able to quickly gain an idea of which hashtags you should continue to use and also the hashtags you should reconsider.

By choosing the hashtags with a higher rank ratio or the hashtags you’ve often ranked on, you’ll be able to find similar hashtags to the best-performing ones, which you can include in your future posts and further boost your chances of ranking on more hashtags..

If you’re unsure what each metric means, you can learn more about these below.

What each metric means in this Smart Collection:

  • Times Used: How many times you’ve used a particular hashtag on your post.

  • Times Ranked: How many times the hashtag has ranked in the top 100 posts.

  • Rank Ratio: The percentage of times you rank in the top 100 posts within this hashtag when using it.

  • Average Best Rank: For each post that ranks on a hashtag, we look at the highest it ranked on that hashtag and then average that across all your posts.

  • Competition Score: The estimated level of difficulty to rank in the 'top posts' feed of the hashtag. This score compares the hashtag's difficulty to all other hashtags in our database, as well as the success Flick users have had using hashtags with similar features'

  • Potential Reach:The estimated audience size you're likely to reach if you were to rank highly on the hashtag. This score compares the hashtag's potential audience size to all other hashtags in our database, as well as the experience Flick users have had using hashtags with similar features.

  • DAPC (Daily Average Post Count): The average number of posts made daily using the hashtag.

  • Average Likes: Average number of likes which posts that tend to rank on the hashtag get.

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