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How to Use Flick’s Hashtag Metrics
How to Use Flick’s Hashtag Metrics

Find out more about Flick's Hashtag and Analytic Suite metrics and how you should use them.

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Are you looking to improve the performance of your Instagram account?

In this article, we'll break down the metrics used in Flick. Both Flick's hashtag and analytic metrics are here to help you make more informed decisions about which hashtags to use and how to adjust your strategy. By understanding these metrics, you'll be able to optimize your Instagram strategy and reach more people on the platform. Let's get started!

In this article we will explore:

  • Metrics in Flick's Hashtag Suite

  • Metrics in Flick's Analytics Suite

Flick's Hashtag Suite Metrics

Competition Score: The estimated level of difficulty to rank in the 'Top Posts' feed of the hashtag. This score compares the hashtag's difficulty to all other hashtags in our database, as well as the success Flick users have had using hashtags with similar features.

Potential Reach: The estimated audience size you're likely to reach if you were to rank highly on the hashtag. This score compares the hashtag's potential audience size to all other hashtags in our database, as well as the experience Flick users have had using hashtags with similar features.

DAPC (Daily Average Post Count): The average number of posts made into a hashtag, daily! (Based on the last 7 days of activity.)

Average Likes/Comments: The average number of likes/comments received on content that has ranked in the ‘top posts’ section of a hashtag.

Posts Made: The total number of posts made in a hashtag.

Best Practices

  • You will increase the reach of your post with hashtags when you rank in the ‘Top Posts’ section of a hashtag.

  • To rank on a hashtag, the number of likes on your content should be similar to or greater than the average number of likes of the content currently ranking in the 'Top Posts' section for that hashtag.

  • Keep in mind that even if you rank on a hashtag, you may not get results if the hashtag is not being used or if the hashtags are not relevant enough.This means you are reaching people outside of your target audience.

  • You can see the impressions you’ve received from hashtags on a specific piece of your content by going into your post analytics.

Pro Tip 💡
To get the best results, constantly test and iterate your hashtag strategy. Make sure the average likes of the hashtags you use are similar to the likes on your own content. For the best results, aim for hashtags with low competition and high potential reach.

Flick's Analytic Suite Metrics

Times used: The number of times since activating Analytics Pro, you have used that hashtag

Times ranked: The number of posts you made with that hashtag which ranked in the top 100 posts for that hashtag

Rank ratio: The percentage of times you rank in the top 100 posts with this hashtag when using it.

Average best rank: For each post that ranks on a hashtag, we look at the highest it ranked on that hashtag and then average that across all your posts. The smaller the number the better.

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