All linked Instagram accounts will need to be linked through one logged in Facebook profile. We access Instagram accounts through Facebook profiles and their admin rights to specific Facebook Pages. This means all Instagram accounts you wish to link will need to be connected to Facebook Pages which you are an admin of.

What should you check first?

Check your client's Instagram account is a business or creator page.

This step is vital, as you will not be able to link a personal Instagram account to Flick. To check if your client’s Instagram is a business or creator, you can check the Instagram settings from mobile, you should see an option to ‘switch to personal account’.

  1. Your client's Instagram account is linked to a Facebook business page, not a personal profile.

This is likely to be true, however, it is easy to check! Head to Facebook page settings > Instagram. From here you can check that the Instagram page account is properly connected.

2. The Facebook profile used to log-in to Flick is an Admin of the client's Facebook page.

You’ll need to have administrator rights to any Facebook page linked to an Instagram account you wish to link to Flick. Flick takes permission from your Facebook profile to access Instagram accounts. Any Facebook pages which your profile had admin rights to will become available to link to Flick.

You’ve checked and all the above are true, now what?

If you’re confident the above steps are all now ‘true’ then the only thing left to do is to link!

You can head back Flick's linking page here.

If you are still having trouble linking, please get in touch with your friends at Flick either by our in-app live support or via email. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible and get you linked in no time!

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