What is Iris?

Say hello to Iris; your new AI-powered social Media Assistant.

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Your new AI partner is here to help you automate up to 75% of your social media workflow—everything from developing a solid social strategy to executing comprehensive social media content calendars–Freeing up more time for you to focus on other aspects of your brand while maintaining a strong online presence.

Key Features

🗓️ Automated Content Calendars: Plan and execute full content calendars in minutes.

🧠 Post Ideation and Creation: Automatically generates innovative and engaging post ideas tailored to your brand.

🎨 Custom Visual Content: Create high-quality, branded graphics that resonate with your target audience.

✍️ Engaging Copy Creation: Generates compelling captions and copy that engage viewers and encourage interaction.

⚙️ Advanced Brand Controls: Easily build a framework to ensure your content sounds like you, aligns with your content pillars and understands your business.

⚡️ Personalized Strategy Development: Create a social strategy that works best for you and your brand.

How does Iris benefit you?

Iris is perfect for everyone: Content Creators, Marketers, and Business owners. Whether you’re a social media expert or a complete social novice you can benefit from automation.

Time-Saving: Iris automates up to 75% of your content creation, significantly reducing the time you spend on content planning and production. This allows you to focus more on strategy and less on day-to-day tasks.

Consistency: Iris makes it easy to maximize reach and engagement across your socials with a consistent social media workflow.

High-Quality Content: Never run out of ideas or inspiration for new posts. Iris will always deliver top-quality, engaging posts specific to your brand/business.

Cost Efficiency:

  • Spend less of your own time worrying about social media and more time on other areas of your business.

  • For new or small businesses, Iris is a great middle ground between DIY and hiring expensive outside help.

  • For marketers, the ability to take on more clients.

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