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How to use Flick’s AI Graphic Generator
How to use Flick’s AI Graphic Generator

5 step guide to creating you're very own graphics and and carousels using Flick's AI.

Written by Mackenzie Taylor
Updated over a week ago

If you feel like you spend too much time creating social media graphics and not enough time building your business, growing your accounts, or managing other areas of social, you’re not alone.

A tool that helps with content creation AND graphic design can be a game-changer.

Introducing; Flick’s AI Graphic Generator—the fastest way to create branded carousels and promotional posts without the time-suck of graphic design and copywriting.

1. Create a caption!

Either write something you love or use Flick’s AI Assistant to help you create something that is on-brand and in your voice.

The caption is used by Flick's AI to help create your graphics copy.

2. Hit 'Generate Graphic'

This will open a pop-up where the magic starts ✨

3. Choose a template

You can currently choose from three style templates (more to come soon!) This will form the 'base' of your graphic or carousel.

Current template styles include:

  • Informational: Where the template will create a detailed carousel post based on the information in your caption.

  • Numbered: A step-by-step carousel that breaks down the topic in your caption.

  • Quotes: Create a quote based on the information in your caption.

Once you've chosen your template, we'll generate your entire graphic for you! Next steps: Editing and personalizing.

5. Edit and Personalize

Now you've got the perfect graphic for you, based on your caption it's time to make it feel like you and your brand.

You can edit the font, change the text, update the colors, and more to make it as uniquely yours as possible.

Once the graphic is exactly how you want it, click “save.” - You’ll now see the carousel or quote on the right-hand side of your Scheduler. Add hashtags, select the best time to post for your account, and click “Schedule.”

schedule ai graphic generator

If you have any questions, feedback or need further support about this feature, please reach out to us on live chat support or via email on

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