How to set up your Brand Hub

Your Brand Hub is where Iris accesses information about your brand, audience, and style.

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Flick’s Brand Hub is split into 4 categories, each designed to provide heightened relevance, specificity, and guidance to Flick’s AI products.

1. Business Info: Helps Iris tailor suggestions to your unique business and strategy.

2. Brand Voice: Helps Iris create content, and write captions in your unique brand voice.

3. Content Pillars: Helps Iris provide suggestions for your social goals.

4. Products and Services: Helps Iris accurately post about what your business sells.

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Activating and Updating your Brand Hub: Step by Step

  1. Head to Flick's Social Assistant or ‘Ideas’ page from the left-side navigation bar.

  2. In the Content Lab, click “Manage Business Info” in the top right-hand corner

    1. Business Info

    Generate a base business Info from your linked Instagram, your 'About Us' website link, or add manually.

    💡For best results, use your linked Instagram to set up your brand-hub

    Flick’s AI Assistant will generate a short brand bio, and three suggested target audiences. If anything looks inaccurate, update it directly in the pop-up. Once happy click continue.

2. Brand Voice

Flick’s AI Assistant will have generated a base brand voice for you, gathered from information from either your linked Instagram account or your linked website.

First, check your language is correct: Flick can generate captions in all languages. Simply type the language you’d like to use.

💡For languages with different dialects you can specify which type of the language. For example: American, British, or Canadian English or, Spanish (Castilian), Catalan Spanish, Central American Spanish, etc.

Voice: This section is one of the most important as it defines how your captions are written. Here you’ll see some pre-generated examples however you may want to consider updating to closer match your brand voice.

Here’s a list of most common tones and communication styles you might want to choose from

Special Rules allow you to add greater direction to how your captions are generated. Here you can be specific with formatting, words phrases and structures to avoid, caption ending and more.

Words phrases and structure examples:

- Never open captions with questions

- Do not use Emoji’s

- Never use the following words: Imagine, Picture this, etc.,

Caption Formatting examples:

- After the main content of the caption, ensure there are three line breaks indicated by periods on separate lines. Then add the following CTA: Follow Flick.Social

3. Content Pillars

for Iris to create content calendars for you, you’ll need to add your content pillars. These are the top-level things you typically post about on your socials.

You can choose from the pre-created options for your brand, or, If you already established pillars, you can add from scratch. You’ll need to add at least 3 pillars to enable Iris.

4. Products and Services

Adding your products and services to Flick allows Iris to create highly specific and relevant promotional and educational posts the things you offer.

Simply copy and paste a URL from your website and we’ll fill out a description and any other additional context that might be relevant.

When you’re creating posts about these products or services, simply tag them and Iris will be able to produce much more precise captions for you.

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