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How to Use Flick’s Content Lab (Ideas)
How to Use Flick’s Content Lab (Ideas)

Everything you need to know to start using Flick’s AI Assistant tools to optimize your content workflow.

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Maintaining an impactful online presence is crucial for achieving social media success. This requires a continuous stream of captivating content and engaging captions to sustain the interest of your audience.

But, we know firsthand how challenging it can be to think of new ideas, write the perfect caption or even plan out new content series. So, this one's for you!

With Flick’s powerful new AI, creating social media content is easier than ever. Generate endless content ideas and craft captivating captions that connect with your audience in a matter of minutes. (Oh, and you can then send off your new perfect post straight to your scheduler too!)

The Process

Transform your social media game with Flick's three-step process—from finding inspiration to creating captivating content in minutes. See how it works:

  1. Brainstorming Creative Routes: Find inspiration fast by searching for a topic, theme or business interest, and Flick will generate multiple Creative Routes for you to explore.

  2. Post Ideas: Generate different ways to turn your Creative Route into individual social posts or a full content series.

  3. Caption Generator: Create the perfect caption every time by choosing your writing style, caption length and tone of voice, and let Flick work its magic.

Flick's 3-Part Process makes it easy to go from idea to post—all in one platform.

How to Use the Planner

Step 1: Get Brainstorming

Enter a topic that you’d like to brainstorm ideas for and Flick will return five different Creative Routes for you to explore. Each creative route will provide a different general idea based on the topic searched.

Step 2: Select the Creative Routes you’d like to explore

This will allow you to further explore the route within the next section: Gaining Post Ideas

💡Pro Tip - Simple themes or ideas related to your industry, business or interests will generate the widest variety of different ideas. The more detailed your initial topic is, the more precise the given ideas should be.

If your results are not as expected, try reframing your searched topic or being less specific.

Step 3: Generate Post Ideas for your selected Creative Routes

This is where each of your selected creative routes starts taking shape as different post ideas. We’ll provide you with five initial content themes which describe a possible way you could create a post or content series.

If you’re not happy with the Ideas generated, or just want a few extras, you can generate three more ideas for each creative route.

Step 4: Add your favorite Ideas to your Planner

Once you’ve found some great new ideas, you can select and save each idea to your planner where they’ll be stored and ready for when you need them.

Caption Generation

Captions are so important in determining the success of a post. A well-crafted caption can instantly grab attention, add context and increase engagement. It can evoke emotions, tell a story and add personality to a post. On the other hand, a poor caption can cause a post to fall flat, resulting in a lower engagement rate and less visibility. A captivating and thoughtful caption is worth taking the time to craft.

Or … you can let Flick generate the perfect caption for you.

How Does It Work?

We can create a caption based on the title and description of your Post Idea. Whether you’ve generated that idea through Flick’s Brainstorming tool, or you’ve saved your own ideas to the Planner, we’ll do the copywriting for you!

Caption Assistant will help you create the best captions for your individual style. You’ll be able to edit and control:

Caption Length

Typically, a short caption will be between 50-100 words, a medium-sized caption will be between 100-150 words and a long caption will typically be between 300-500 words.

Included Content

Types of content you’d like included in your caption to make it more engaging and interesting to readers.

  • Quotes: Adding a quote to your social media caption can bring inspiration, provide context, evoke emotions, build relationships and make your post stand out.

  • Facts: Adding a fact to your social media post can bring credibility, educate your followers, make your post stand out and increase engagement by providing unique and interesting information that adds value to your content.

  • List style: Lists can help make your post more visually appealing, help organize information and make it easier for your followers to understand and remember your message.

  • An anecdote: Using an anecdote in your caption can add personality, help tell a story, and create emotion.

  • Call to Action: Encourage your followers to take specific steps such as visiting a website, making a purchase or leaving a comment.

Point of View

Generate captions in first, second or third-person styles.

  • First-person writing talks about the writer using "I" or "we."

  • Second-person writing talks to the reader using "you."

  • Third-person writing talks about someone or something using "he," "she," "it," or "they."

Writing Style

Choose between different narrative styles that best suit your brand or personality. You can currently choose from a few formal and informal styles.

Formal writing styles use proper grammar, and complete sentences and tends to provide an objective perspective. Choose from Analytical or Informative styles.

Informal writing styles are typically more casual and provide a more fun way to express yourself without being limited by full sentence structure. Choose from Conversational or Narrative styles.

Conversational will give your captions a nice flow and allow you to engage your readers making them feel you’re talking to them. The Narrative style will give your captions more of a story and provide more contextual information to engage your audience.

Tone of Voice

How do you want your brand or personality to come across? Your tone of voice allows you to add extra personality to your captions and give clarity to how your captions should be generated. For example, your tone of voice may be ‘playful, energetic, informative, etc.

Once you’ve crafted your perfect caption, you can keep it in your Content Planner ready for whenever you need it, or you can send it straight to the Scheduler to be posted along with the rest of your social media content.

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