What Type of Posts Can Flick Track?

This article will highlight the types of content Flick can and cannot track.

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Flick uses Instagram’s official API to track your posts. While this means there are absolutely no risks to your account, it also means that Flick is limited to what the official API allows us to track.

The official Instagram API currently allows third-party applications to track:

  • Single Image / Video posts

  • Carousel posts

  • Story posts*

  • Reels**

*Stories can be tracked, however currently the API does not allow third-party applications to track:

  • Hashtags used on story posts. Flick will not be able to provide hashtag data on hashtags used on Story posts.

  • Shared content. Content shared from another IG account onto your Stories cannot be tracked (as the rights of the content are owned by another user).

**Due to limitations in Instagram's API, all platforms, including Flick, are currently unable to track ranking hashtags on Reels. Flick will instead simply show you which hashtags you have used on your Reel posts and provide general insights to help you compare your posts and so you can see which hashtags you are commonly using with your 'Used Hashtags' Collections.

Instagram is often updating its API and what people can access through it. Although we cannot currently provide ranking information, if there are changes to what Flick can access, we will update analytics to match!

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