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Getting Started With Flick's Mobile App
Getting Started With Flick's Mobile App

Level up your Instagram strategy and optimize your workflow all from your phone!

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Wouldn’t it be nice to have a way to grow, manage and organize your Social Media accounts all in one place, and right in the palm of your hand!? Well now you can! Flick’s mobile app is the best way to search for hashtags, review analytics and schedule content on the go!

Similar to Flick’s desktop version, our mobile app is broken up into 4 different areas:

1. Home page

2. Hashtag search

3. Analytics

4. Scheduling

Home Page

This will be the first page you see once you log-in to Flick’s mobile app. From here, you can view and manage all your collections, including your favorites and smart collections. Your collections will auto-sync between your devices, making the transition between desktop and mobile seamless. Whether you need to create or edit a collection, or import hashtags from elsewhere, the mobile app is here to make your life easier!

And because we love efficiency here at Flick, you can search for hashtags right from the home page!

Hashtag Search

Speaking of searching for hashtags! The magnifying glass at the bottom of your app will take you to the search page. Before you even begin your hashtag search, you will see:

  • Recently searched hashtags

  • Hashtag search suggestions based on your previous search history

After searching for a hashtag, you can refine your search results, and view hashtags based on their competition score (The estimated level of difficulty to rank in the 'top posts' feed of the hashtag.) Additionally, you can create a new search that will populate a whole new set of hashtag suggestions, giving you the ability to toggle back and forth between all of your searches.

Once you select your hashtags, you’ll be able to:

  • See how many tags you have for each competition score (which is helpful for your strategy!)

  • View any tags that are restricted or banned.

  • Add your hashtags to a Collection

  • Copy your hashtags and paste them wherever needed! (if you’re heading straight to scheduling!)

*In order to view a more in depth search result, you will need to utilize the desktop version of Flick!


The analytics section of the app will give you a somewhat modified version of what you’ll be able to see via desktop. From Analytics, you can view your Instagram Account insights such as:

  • People Reached

  • Profile visits

  • Follower Growth

  • Best Time to Post insights (as long as your IG account has 100 or more followers)

Individual post insights will also be included here! These include:

  • Hashtags ranked

  • Engagement rate

  • Reach

  • Views

  • Likes

  • Comments


Welcome to the newest addition to Flick’s mobile app! Upload content to your media library, view scheduled posts, drafts, and recent notifications from anywhere, at any time! Creating your posts from the mobile app is quick and easy to do and will save you so much time and (let’s be honest) your sanity! We know, we’re stoked too!

View this article to see if your plan has any scheduling limitations!

Things to note:

  • If you have an Instagram creator account, you must download the Flick mobile app in order to schedule posts, as they will need to be scheduled via the notification flow.

  • While you are able to view analytics within the app, these are best viewed on the desktop version of Flick.

  • The content lab/AI assistant is only available on the desktop version version of Flick at this time.

  • You will not be able to access any billing or account settings in the app (other than your name and password!)

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