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Reels Tracking Explained

Learn more about what tracking is available for Instagram Reels

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It's important to understand to the difference between tracking hashtags and determining the ranking of hashtags.

Understanding Instagram feeds

There are three different feeds for each hashtag:

  • Top Post Feed

  • Recent Post Feed

  • Reels Feed

Feed Posts Tracking and Ranking

Flick is able to determine the rank of a feed post because they appear on the 'top feed' section of Instagram. Instagram's API currently only allows us to access Top Post feeds for each hashtag. Flick cannot access the Reels-specific feed.

This means that Flick can monitor the Top Posts feed and check if your feed posts are visible for each hashtag you use. If your post is found within the top 100 Top Posts, we tell you what position you have ranked.

Reels Posts Tracking

Although Flick is able to see which hashtags have been used on a Reel post, Flick is unable to access the feed in which Reels are shown, meaning we are unable to provide data on if a Reel ranks in this feed.

Flick will instead simply show you which hashtags you have used on your Reel posts to help you compare your posts and so you can see which hashtags you are commonly using with your 'Used Hashtags' Collections.

Instagram is often updating its API and what people can access through it. Although we cannot currently provide ranking information, if there are changes to what Flick can access, we will update analytics to match!

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