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Getting Started With Analytics

Everything you need to know about Analytics Suite, the powerful feature that provides clarity to your hashtag performance.

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Flick’s Analytics Suite is your one-stop-shop for getting the most out of your Instagram Account. The idea is to give you total visibility of the metrics that define your Instagram success, and help you spot the areas your strategy is paying off, or where you could improve. Whether that’s hashtags, posting times or increasing the number of people interacting with your Stories, Flick’s Analytics gives you the tools to decipher the numbers and start making data-driven choices.

What Can You Expect to See Within Analytics?

Flick's Analytics Suite is made up of four main areas which we will outline below! To understand more about how each page can help you smash your Instagram strategy, we’ve got a full article on each section within this smart guide.

Overview Page: Get a quick ‘Overview’ of how your account is performing, including data from your latest posts and key performance metrics like; Follower Count, Reach, Impressions, and Profile Activity.

Content Page: See what's resonating best with your audience across your Feed posts, Reels, and Story posts as well as how to reach more of your target audience with better use of hashtags.

Hashtag Page: Understand which of your hashtags are performing best and get top-level insights into how your hashtag strategy is going using metrics like: Time Ranking on Hashtags, Rank Ratio & more!.

Account Page: Start understanding your audience in more detail and keep on top of metrics you can’t access on Instagram like; Profile Conversion Rate & Reach Rate. Use your audience activity data to maximize each and every posting opportunity you have.

Wait, There’s More!

From each different page of Analytics, you’ll also be able to view historical data that would have otherwise been lost. Instagram only stores 7 days of data before removing it from your account. Flick saves this historical data for you, so you have access to all your metrics and can really compare your growth over time.

Hashtag Tracking

Bring clarity to your hashtag performance and find out which hashtags your Reels and Feed posts have ranked on. With hashtag tracking, not only can you see exactly which hashtags your post ranked on, but you can also see the position it ranked within the ‘top posts’ feed of a given hashtag.

So, now you know what to expect from Flick’s Analytics, read on through this Smart guide to find out exactly how analyzing the right metrics will help you supercharge your hashtag strategy.

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