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How to Contact Flick’s Customer Support Team
How to Contact Flick’s Customer Support Team

This article will give you a run down of how to contact support.

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Whether you have questions about your plan, getting your Instagram linked to Flick, or hashtag strategy, we are here to help! Our Customer Support team is fully equipped to assist you with anything and everything Flick related! You can get in touch with us via live-chat support or email, 7 days a week!

You can contact Customer Support in 3 ways:

  1. From Flick’s mobile app

  2. From the desktop version of Flick

  3. Email us directly

How to Contact Support From Flick’s Mobile App

From Flick’s mobile app home page, navigate to the settings wheel at the top of the page next to the name of your social group. From there click on ‘Message Support.’ This will open our live-chat where you can send us a message. The chat will let you know when to expect a reply from us.

How to Contact Support From Flick’s Desktop Version

From our website,, sign-in to your Flick account. Right from the home page, you will see a blue bubble in the lower right corner. Clicking on that bubble will open up our live-chat. From here you can send us a message, search for help, submit a feature request and even see the latest news at Flick!

How to Contact Support Via Email

Have a question, but haven’t registered for a Flick account yet? Not to worry! You can email us at with any questions!

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