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Have you been longing for a tool that can not only help you grow your audience on social media but can also make your life easier in the process? Look no further! This article will cover the ins and outs of Flick, including plans, features, and tips and tricks to get started!

What Is Flick?

Think we are just an Instagram Hashtag tool? Think again! We have SO MUCH MORE to offer! In addition to hashtag search, Flick also provides a growth-focused analytics suite that is tailored to your Instagram account. And wait, there’s more! You can now utilize Flick’s scheduler to create and post content to not only your Instagram account but your Facebook and TikTok account as well!

Wondering how to register for our 7-day FREE trial? Learn all about our plans and pricing here!

What Features Are Included With Your Subscription?

Flick is so much more than just hashtags! Below is a quick overview of Flick’s features.

Hashtag Search

Let’s be real. Blindly searching for relevant hashtags on Instagram is SO 2015. With Flick’s hashtag search, gone are the hours spent sifting through hashtags and just hoping they will work for your account. Flick’s search tool takes the guesswork out of hashtag strategy and is designed to make your life easier! Hashtags are one of the easiest and oldest ways to grow organically on Instagram.

Here are some of the features within Flicks hashtag search tool:

  • Advanced filters; to help you find the best suited hashtags for your account

  • Hashtag search suggestions based on your previous search history

  • Detailed hashtag metrics help you find the best-suited hashtags.

Flick’s hashtag metrics help you find the best-suited hashtags by providing you with all the data you need including:

  • Competition Score- The estimated level of difficulty to rank in the 'top posts' feed of the hashtag.

  • Potential Reach- The estimated audience size you're likely to reach if you were to rank highly on the hashtag

  • Daily Average Post Count (DAPC)- The average number of posts made daily using the hashtag

  • Average Likes- Average number of likes which posts that rank on the hashtag get

  • Total Posts- The number of posts have been made with the hashtag in all time

  • Average Comments- Average number of comments which posts that rank on the hashtag gets


Think of your collections as folders containing all your important documents! No need to save your hashtags into a notepad document any longer, Collections will keep you organized and allow you to copy your hashtags to your scheduled post with one click!

Collections has three key areas:

  • Hashtag Collections- Import existing hashtag lists (from anywhere) into Hashtag Collections or create your first collection using Flick’s Hashtag Search

  • Smart Collections- Your Smart Collections will include Hashtags Used, Recently Ranked and Top Performing

  • Suggested Hashtags-Flick will showcase carefully selected hashtags that we think you’ll love


Planning out your content in advance is a MUST! Currently, Flick allows you to create and post content to Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and LinkedIn. (With more to come!) Flick makes it easy to view all the content you’ve scheduled with both weekly and monthly calendar views. Additionally, you can see how your content will look on your Instagram feed ahead of time using Feed Preview. This is a great way to make sure that your feed has the perfect aesthetic for your audience! Optimize your workflow while simultaneously making your life easier! Want to learn more about scheduling? This video will walk you through how to use Flick’s scheduler!


Did you know Instagram only stores 7 days' worth of data before removing it from your account? That’s A LOT of data gone, just like that. Now, not only can you see how your hashtags are performing in real-time, AND compare how your account is performing in relation to similar accounts, but you can access historical data that would otherwise have been lost! View metrics and insights related directly to your Instagram account such as:

  • Follower change

  • People reached

  • Profile visits

  • Website clicks

  • Audience activity (which will let you know the best time to post!)

Additionally, you can monitor how each individual post is performing. Flick will provide you with insights on your posts such as:

  • Ranked hashtags

  • Engagement rate

  • Reach

  • Impressions

  • Likes

  • Comments

Last, but certainly not least, Flick will provide performance data for the hashtags used so that you can see firsthand which hashtags are top performing and which tags should be recycled out.

Click here to see everything our Analytics Suite has to offer!

So, What Next?

Are you ready to become an expert in all things Flick? In addition to a mega library full of resources and blog posts, we also have an incredible YouTube channel as well as a free course that is guaranteed to answer any questions you may have!

This video highlights the ins and outs of Flick, where to get started and how to utilize the tool to its fullest potential!

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