Connecting Your TikTok to Flick

How to connect your TikTok accounts to Flick.

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Connecting TikTok to your Social Group is very straightforward. Follow the steps below to link your account.

1. Select Your Social Group

Head to your Flick Workspace and select the social group you’d like to add your TikTok account to. If you've already added other socials, you'll see the button to 'Edit Linked Socials.'

2. Connect TikTok Account

Click to connect your TikTok account from within the social selector. You’ll be redirected to a TikTok pop-up to log in. You can log into TikTok in multiple different ways, in this guide we used the QR method using both desktop and mobile; however, you can also log in with your TikTok account credentials or by selecting another linked account.

3. Allow Permissions

From the last section of the TikTok pop-up, you’ll be asked which permissions you’d like to give Flick access to. Make sure all permissions are enabled, Flick will not be able to correctly connect to the account if permissions are changed.

4. Add TikTok to your Social Group

Once you've logged into your TikTok account you'll need then select the TikTok account and add the found account to your Social Group.

Here’s a full run-through of the linking process:

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