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Troubleshoot Facebook Connection to Flick
Troubleshoot Facebook Connection to Flick

Troubleshoot connecting your Facebook page to Flick.

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In order to link your Facebook to Flick, please take the following into consideration.

  1. Flick can only connect to Facebook Business Pages, not Facebook profiles

  2. Your Facebook profile must own, or have admin rights to the Facebook Page

To connect your Facebook page to Flick, you will need to log in via your Facebook profile. This must be the same Facebook profile logged in for all other Pages and Instagram accounts.

Flick Can Only Connect to Facebook Business Pages, Not Facebook Profiles

Third-party apps such as Flick are not able to connect directly to your Facebook profile. Facebook Pages should be used generally when looking to engage, sell or become a public figure or place. This allows users to follow your page, without being your Facebook ‘friend’ which provides a greater level of safety and privacy for you.

Your Facebook Profile Must Own, or Have Admin Rights to the Facebook Page

In order to connect your Facebook Page to Flick, your Facebook profile must be either an owner or a named admin of the Page. If you created the page yourself, you shouldn’t need to check, however, you can check access by heading to access settings.

If you see your name in either of the following areas, you’re page is set up correctly and can be linked to Flick:

  • People with access

  • Business accounts with access

If you do not see your Facebook profile or business account listed, you’ll need to either add yourself as an administrator or ask the owner of the page to do so for you.

Adding Access to Facebook Page

  1. Head to Meta business suite and find the business account where your Facebook Page is connected to

  2. Click the settings wheel next to the business account in which your Facebook page appears to access account settings and navigate to Business Assets

Once you've entered your business account settings you'll need to:

  1. Navigate to Business Assets, click the Facebook Page and then open ‘Page Access’

  2. From ‘Page Access’ you should see your own name (Facebook Profile) within the people assigned section. If you do not see your own profile, you’ll need to either add your profile as an assigned person or ask the account owner to do so

Once all areas are checked or amended, head back into Flick to log in to Facebook and find your account. If you need reminding on how to do that, you can read: Linking your socials accounts to Flick.

If you believe everything is set up correctly and you still need some extra help getting connected, please contact our support teams via live-chat support or email ( for extra help or 1-2-1 set-up calls.

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