Flick’s Referral program is a way for you to share your love of Flick and give a little gift to your friends, colleagues, or followers who you think might be interested in signing up. Simply put, we’ll reward you, and the person who signs up from your link with £5 credit.


  1. Find your personal referral link,

  2. Share your referral link

  3. Get rewarded for all sign-ups who come through your link.

Any user who signs up and converts their trial into a paid subscription will receive £5 off their first subscription costs and you’ll gain your own £5 credit.

You can monitor your referrals and credits from your personal Dashboard



You’ll get your credits automatically applied to the next upcoming invoice. Please note, there is a 15-day delay in crediting the referrer's account, this is so Flick can confirm the user has converted their trial and has not canceled during Flick’s refund period.

Is the Referral Program for you?

Flick operates both an affiliate program and a referral program, both programs have different perks and work in slightly different ways! Referral Program is for you if: You intend to invite or share Flick with people on an ad-hoc basis.

The affiliate program is for you if: You intend to promote Flick longer term or, to large audiences. Flick's affiliate program allows you to earn a commission on every sign-up you bring to Flick and can be a great source of passive income for those with large followings.

You can learn more about Flick’s Affiliate program here

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