Scheduling on Mobile

Learn how to use Scheduling from the Flick Mobile App.

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Flick’s mobile app is quickly going to become your best friend when it comes to managing your Instagram schedule. View, create and manage your content right from your phone.

If you don’t yet have the mobile app, you can download it here.

Notification Posting via Mobile App

Notification posts couldn’t be easier with Flick’s mobile app. Once it’s time to post, we’ll send you a notification directly to your mobile and the rest is pretty easy to do:

1. Receive notification from Flick to publish your scheduled Instagram Post

2. Tap the notification to open Flick to see your post and caption

3. Click ‘Open in Instagram’ and choose your post type (Story, Feed etc.)

4. Select your content from the camera roll (all media is saved to the top of the camera roll for you!)

5. Paste your caption, add any other relevant tags and locations, and post!

Creating a New Post From Mobile

Within the Flick app, you'll still be able to follow the exact same process as on desktop to schedule your posts. You'll also be able to view all upcoming content, in case you need to swap things around or make a caption tweak at the last minute.

Hitting ‘Create new post’ will open up the same options as scheduling from your desktop. You’ll be able to select your media and add in your caption, hashtags, user and location tags and of course, choose how and when you want your new post to be published.

Not Receiving Notifications for Your Posts?

If you’re not receiving notifications from Flick, it’s likely for one of the following reasons:

1. You have not downloaded the Flick mobile app.

If you’ve not yet downloaded the Flick mobile app, please do so by searching ‘Flick Hashtags' in your app store, scanning the QR code below, or clicking here.

2. Push notifications for Flick have been disabled on your device

You can amend your notification settings in your device settings or click here for a step-by-step guide.

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