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Getting Started With Scheduling

A breakdown of everything you can do to optimize your workflow and include scheduling into your social media strategy.

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If you’re a social media manager, content creator or creative agency, you know that planning your content in advance can be a major lifesaver! With a little pre-planning, you can not only optimize your workflow but more importantly optimize your content to do more for you.

Whether you’ve used schedulers before, or if you’ve never scheduled content before, this guide will give you tips and tricks on how to get the most out of scheduling your content with Flick and incorporating your hashtag strategy into the heart of scheduling.

Why plan your content?

When it comes to creating content in the online space, planning out the content and knowing what your audience will want is something that should be at the very top of your to-do list! I mean, why would you create content for your business or brand if you don’t think your followers would actually….want to engage with it?
A great place to start is by going through your content and see what posts have done really well for you in the past. Flick’s Content Analytics allows you to filter your historic posts by any metric (just click the metric, to sort from highest to lowest!) Understanding the content your followers are most engaged in will help you plan more content that your followers want.
Using a scheduler can really help visualize your content and help you make sure that each post you make is thought out and curated. Flick’s Feed Preview will also help you take more control of how your followers see your content. Being able to see your full Instagram feed ahead of time will help you place each piece of content in the right place for that perfect grid.

Optimizing for Content Performance

At Flick, we love analytics, and because you’re here on Flick, you probably do too! We’ve built scheduling in a way that incorporates all those features you already use every day, and made it easier for you to use it to optimize your content. Take a look at these top tips for optimizing your analytics in scheduling.

Best Time to Post

Yep, this one is obvious! Posting when your followers are most likely to be online will give your content a little kickstart. Gaining that quick and immediate engagement will help boost your chances of ranking within the hashtag feeds!

Implementing Your Hashtag Strategy in Scheduling

Instagram still relies on hashtags to get your content in front of your target audience. Using relevant, targeted hashtags on your social media posts can help you rank on certain content and could even land you on the Explore Page if you use them effectively.

Having properly curated hashtag collections is vital to a great strategy. Having your most suitable hashtags saved into niche-specific collections will not only allow you to have your hashtags ready to go, but it will also allow you to receive hashtag suggestions for a continual stream of new relevant hashtags!

Your hashtag Collections are available within Scheduling, right when you need them. When creating your post, you’ll be able to select your hashtags from any Collection (Smart or Custom) and quickly add them to your post.

Creating Better Captions

One of the most important things that we believe you should pay attention to is your caption. Why are you writing the caption? What’s the intention behind it? Are you trying to build your community and connect with your audience? Are you wanting them to complete a task and follow through on an action? Whatever your goal is, think about what would make you want to complete that CTA.

A big thing you need to pay attention to when it comes to your captions is your voice. What is your brand voice? Are you funny? Educational? Serious? Whatever your voice is, you need to make sure that you’re being consistent across every single post. Knowing who you are online and how you talk online will help you quickly and easily write and create content for your followers. Planning your content in advance allows you to be deliberate and thoughtful. Scheduling will also allow you to come back to a post if you decide the caption isn’t what you want or need it to be! Gone are the days of having to quickly think of a caption just before you post!

There you have it! Everything you need to know to effectively include Flick’s Scheduler into your everyday social media workflow and make your life a little bit easier!

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