Creating and scheduling content is one thing, but understanding how to effectively manage your social media accounts content schedule is where you can save time and rest easy knowing everything is under control.

Viewing your Content Calendar

Flick makes it easy to view all the content you’ve scheduled with both weekly and monthly calendar views.

Weekly View

See all content scheduled over the course of one full week. The weekly view will break down each day into each hour, so you can quickly see exactly what time your content is scheduled.

You’ll also be able to view your ‘Best Time to Post’ within the weekly view, so you can schedule your content for when your users are most active on Instagram.

Editing posts from the weekly view is also super easy! You can drag any scheduled content along your calendar to quickly change the time or date of any scheduled or draft post.

Monthly View

For those who like to plan ahead and stay organized. The monthly view will allow you to see a holistic view of everything going out throughout the month. You’ll be able to quickly create new posts by selecting the ‘+’ sign on any day and adding a post to your schedule.

Feed Preview

Not only can you see your upcoming content via your calendar, you can also see how your content will look on your Instagram feed ahead of time using Feed Preview! From Feed Preview, you’ll be able to rearrange your upcoming posts to find the perfect aesthetic for your feed. To adjust the order of your scheduled posts, simply drag and drop the content around until you’re happy. Any moved content will automatically update with new scheduled dates and times so your content will be published exactly how you want it.

If you want to make further tweaks to your schedule once you’ve moved your content around, you can use the sidebar to individually edit the time and date. To save any changes, click ‘Apply'

Understanding Your Calendar

To make things a little easier, we’ve created icons so you can quickly decipher what type of post you’ve scheduled. Of course, you can see the actual image of your post on your calendar, but you’ll also notice a small icon on the bottom right of each scheduled content indicating the type of post.

Drafts ✏️

Your draft posts will show up on your calendar with a small pencil icon on the image. This will let you know the post is set for a specific time and date but is not yet finished. Any content on your calendar which is still in ‘draft’ will not be published to your Instagram account.

Auto Posting ⚡️

The lightning bolt represents a post that is set for automatic publishing. Any post which shows the lightning bolt icon will be published at the time and date shown on the calendar automatically to your Instagram account.

Notification Post 🔔

Any post set to notification post will show the bell icon. Any post you see with the bell notification will mean the scheduled content will need to be posted manually. You will receive a notification to your mobile, where you’ll be able to quickly access everything you need to post.

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