Types of Scheduled Posts

Discover the different ways you can utilize Flick's scheduling tool and what content formats you can schedule.

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There are two ways in which you can schedule your posts: auto-posting and push notification posting. Instagram’s API currently does not allow all content to be automatically posted to Instagram via a scheduling platform. This guide will help you understand which posts Flick can post on your behalf directly to Instagram and which posts will need a little extra help from you manually.

Automatic Posting

Looking to take the hassle out of social media scheduling? Flick's auto-posting feature has got you covered! Auto-posting is available for LinkedIn, Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram Business accounts.

With auto-posting, you can schedule a post to go live at a specific time without having to manually post it yourself. Just create your post in Flick, set the date and time for when you want it to go live, and Flick will handle the rest! You'll even get a notification when your post has been successfully published.

Instagram & TikTok APIs limit what can be automatically published. Currently, you’ll be able to post the following types of content automatically:


  • Single image posts

  • Carousel Posts (Multi-image posts of up to 10 posts can be posted automatically.)

  • Reels

  • Stories


  • Single image posts

  • Carousel posts

  • Facebook video


All TikToks can be posted automatically from Flick. Personal and Business accounts are supported.

Notification Posting

Notification posting will allow you to create your posts from Flick but they won't automatically be published on your profile. Instead, we'll send a notification to your phone as a reminder to post. Just tap on the notification, and it'll open up the Flick app on your phone.

From the Flick app, you'll see your complete post with content, caption, and hashtags ready for you to share to Instagram manually.

Flick will automatically save your content to the top of the camera roll and copy your caption to the clipboard. Once redirected to Instagram you'll be able to quickly select your content, paste in your caption and enter any locations or user tags needed.

What Content Can Be Scheduled via Notification?

Currently, you can schedule all Instagram content to be posted via notification. Some content can only be scheduled via notifications. Check out what you can currently post below:

  • Instagram Single image posts

  • Instagram Carousel posts

  • Instagram Reels

  • TikToks

*Facebook posts are currently only available to be posted automatically.

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