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Find out everything you can view within the 'Content' section of Flick Analytics

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Identifying what’s resonating best with your audience is so important! The ‘Content’ tab within the Analytics Suite allows you to view actionable insights from your Feed, Reels, and Story posts. View your ranked hashtags, engagement rate, and Instagram insights such as Reach, Impressions, comments, and saves.

Below, you’ll find out what you can see for each format, and how you can use this data to level up your Instagram.

Feed Posts

Overview Metrics

View your overall Feed post-performance and see how people engage with your posts. You’ll be able to compare these stats against past performance to keep you moving forward.

View Ranked Hashtags

The content section is where you'll be able to see where your hashtags have ranked, broken down into four categories: Top 9, 10th-25th, 26th-50th, 51st-100.

If your post ranks in the 'Top 9' this means your post has been viewed within the first 9 posts of the hashtag’s 'top posts' feed when someone searches it on Instagram. Learn more about ranking on hashtags, here.

Compare Insights

Keep a close eye on the stats you need to make sure your account is moving in the right direction. Break down individual posts and compare your stats to previous content performance.

💡 How does this help?

It's always a good idea to keep on top of your post’s performance, as you can use this to make amendments and continue growing. If you try something new, you'll be able to see if those changes have had a positive effect on your engagement.

Story Analytics

See how your Story has performed with Flick’s Visual Analytics. You’ll be able to view your Impressions, Completion Rate, taps backs and forwards, and understand how many Story posts people are watching before they exit.

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