There are several reasons why your scheduled post may have failed. This article will highlight the most common reasons which you can fix yourself!

Automatic Posting

There are lots of reasons why your scheduled post may have failed. For many instances, Flick will automatically retry to post your content, and if Flick is unable to post on your behalf, Flick will send you an automatic email to explain in more detail why your post has failed.

Another factor that may stop Flick from auto-posting is your Instagram's connection to Flick. Your Instagram account may lose connection to Flick for a variety of reasons. Either your Facebook-generated access token has expired or something has changed in your Facebook account and the permissions are no longer correct.

In most cases, you can fix both permission and access token issues by refreshing your Instagram within Flick. (You can follow this guide to refresh your connection)

Notification Published Posts

If you’ve not received a notification for a scheduled post there are two main reasons this might be:

  • You have not downloaded the Flick mobile App.

If you’ve not yet downloaded the Flick mobile app, please do so by searching ‘Flick Hashtags' in your app store, Scanning the QR code below, or clicking here.

  • Push notifications for Flick have been disabled on your device

You can amend your notification settings in your device settings. Or click here for a step-by-step guide.

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