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Why Am I Not Receiving Mobile Notifications From Flick?
Why Am I Not Receiving Mobile Notifications From Flick?

A run-through of the common reasons why you may not be seeing notifications from Flick.

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Notifications must be enabled to receive alerts for any manually scheduled Instagram posts. Learn how to enable notifications below.

There are three possible reasons why you may not be receiving Flick Notifications:

  • Push notifications for Flick have been disabled on your device

  • You have not yet downloaded the Flick Mobile App

  • Your device does not natively support Flick's App

Enabling Notifications on My Device

Flick’s app is available on both Android and IOS; however, the two operating systems have different ways of enabling notifications. If your device does not have the correct permissions, you should see a notice within the Flick App to help!

Updating iPhone Settings

If you are using Apple IOS, you will need to manually enable notifications when you first download Flick’s app. It is really easy to dismiss this initial request. If you have the app and are not receiving notifications, you’ll need to re-enable notifications using the instructions below.

Step One: Open your phone’s settings app

Step Two: Scroll to ‘Notifications’ and open the notification settings

Step Three: Locate the Flick app and tap to open Flick App Settings

Step Four: Turn Flick’s notifications on by enabling ‘Allow notifications’

Updating Android Settings

Step One: Open your phone's Settings app

Step Two: Tap Notifications and open ‘App settings’

Step Three: In the drop-down menu, tap All apps and navigate to Flick

Step Four: Turn the app's notifications on or off

You should now receive notifications from Flick!

If you’ve followed the steps for your device, and you’re still not receiving notifications as expected, please contact support for further help.

Downloading Flick’s Mobile App

If you’ve not yet downloaded Flick’s mobile app, you can do so by searching ‘Flick Hashtags’ in your app store, Scanning the QR code below, or clicking here.

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