Flick’s scheduler will be able to help you tag both users and locations. Below you can find out how to do both in our handy step-by-step guide.

Note: Currently, tagging is only available for auto-posts as notification post tags will be handled once in Instagram. Product tagging is also currently unavailable due to the limitations of Instagram’s API.

How to Add Location Tags

From the main ‘New post’ modal, you’ll be able to add a location by selecting ‘Location’ and searching for the desired location. Once found, select the location to set. You’ll see the ‘Post Preview’ update to show your location below your IG handle.

How to Tag Users

To tag a specific user you click on any image in either the ‘Post Preview’ or in the ‘Your Post’ section of the ‘New Post’ modal. Once clicked, you’ll be able to search for any user by their Instagram handle. You can tag up to 20 people per post and Flick will even save your recently tagged users.

Product Tagging

Product tagging is currently not available via Instagram's API and therefore is not available in Flick's Scheduler.

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