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What Type of Instagram Tags Can Be Auto-Posted?
What Type of Instagram Tags Can Be Auto-Posted?

Discover how tags can be used and what is available via the Instagram API.

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Flick's scheduler allows you to tag both users and locations in your posts. Follow the steps below to learn how to do both.

Note: At this time, tagging is only available for auto-posts. Notification post tags will be handled directly through Instagram. Product tagging is also currently unavailable due to Instagram API limitations.

How To Add Location Tags

  1. From the main "New Post" modal, select "Location" and search for the desired location.

  2. Once found, select the location to set.

  3. You will see the "Post Preview" update to show your location below your Instagram handle.

How To Tag Users

  1. Click on any image in the "Post Preview" or "Your Post" section of the "New Post" modal.

  2. Search for a user by their Instagram handle and select them to tag.

  3. You can tag up to 20 people per post. Flick will also save your recently tagged users for convenience.

Note: Tagging is not available for Instagram Reels. You can; however, use your caption to tag a user by adding their full and correct @handle into your caption.

Product Tagging

Product tagging is currently not available via Instagram's API and therefore is not available in Flick's Scheduler.

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