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What’s the Difference Between Auto-Posting and Notification Posting?
What’s the Difference Between Auto-Posting and Notification Posting?

Find out which types of content Flick can schedule and which content formats are not currently supported.

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There are two ways in which you can schedule your posts: auto-posting and push notification posting. This guide will help you understand which posts Flick can publish on your behalf and which posts will need a little extra help from you manually.

Instagram & Facebook

You can auto-post:

  • Single Image Posts

  • Carousel Posts

  • Reels

  • Stories

*Reels must be at least 3 seconds long and cannot exceed 60 seconds or 60fps.

What Content Can be Scheduled Via Notification?

Notification posting will allow you to create your posts from within Flick but instead of the post being automatically published, we’ll send you a notification to your mobile phone with a reminder to post.

You can currently post the following via push notification:

  • Instagram Single image posts

  • Instagram Carousel posts

  • Instagram Reels

  • TikToks

What Media Is Supported?

All media must be of correct dimensions:

  • Maximum file size of 8MiB

  • The aspect ratio must be within a 4:5 - 1.91.1 Range (Flick will notify if aspect ratio is not supported)

  • Minimum Width 320px. Maximum width 1440px


All TikTok accounts support automatic and notification posting from Flick.

What Media Is Supported?

  • Video dimensions 9:16

  • Maximum video size is 1GB

  • The minimum video duration is 3s

  • Maximum video duration is 60s

  • The minimum height and minimum width of the video must be 360 pixels

  • The maximum caption length is 150 characters


All LinkedIn content must be posted via auto-post. Notification posting is not supported.

What Is Supported?

  • Single posts or multi-social flow

  • Text (caption only), images, multi-images (up to 9) or single video posts are supported

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