Inviting Others to Your Workspace

A quick guide to help you get set up with inviting new members into your workspace.

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Collaboration is key to successful social media management, whether you're working with clients, colleagues, or management. With Flick Teams, you can invite different members to your workspace and control what they can and cannot access. As the owner of your workspace, you can invite members into your Flick account without having to share passwords. You can also limit what members can access, including billing and access to different social accounts. Plus, you can remove invited users as needed.

(Please note: member access limitations are not included in the initial version of Teams.)

Which Plans Have Access to Teams?

Both Pro and Agency plans have access to Teams collaboration tools. If you're on a Solo plan and want access to Teams, you can upgrade to a new plan, here. Pro and Agency plans can invite up to 1 or 4 users, respectively, into their workspace.

What Roles Are Available?

Currently, we offer two roles within a team:

  • Owner: The owner is the person who created the workspace and is responsible for the subscription plan.

  • Member: A member is someone who has been invited to the workspace to collaborate. Members can use all Flick products, but there are permission limitations attached to the member role. Members cannot access or manage subscriptions and invoices, invite other members to the workspace, remove members from the workspace, or edit the workspace name.

Inviting Users to Your Workspace

Inviting team members to your workspace is easy, and you can invite both new and existing Flick users. You can send invitations from the Teams and Users area in your settings.

Step One:

From the team profile click on ‘Invite new member’ to open the invitation center.

Step Two:

Enter the email address of the person you want to invite to your workspace. If you're adding multiple users at once, click "Add Another."

(Note: If you're adding someone who already has a Flick account, make sure you send the email to the same address they used to sign up.)

Inviting an Existing User Into Flick

When you invite an existing Flick user to your workspace, they'll receive an email to join your team. Once they accept, they'll be able to toggle between their own workspace and the shared workspace.

Inviting a New Flick User

When you invite a new user to your workspace, they'll receive an email to join your team. Once they accept, they'll need to create a free Flick account to access your workspace.

Ready to start inviting teammates to work with you? Head over to your team's settings here to get started.

Removing Users From Your Team

You can remove a team member at any time by going to the team's profile and clicking the bin icon next to the user you want to remove. When you remove a user, they'll lose access to the workspace and all related social accounts linked to your workspace.

If you have any questions about Teams or want to share feedback, you can reach us through the live chat support!

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