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Creating and Managing Social Groups

Everything you need to know about Social Groups.

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Social Groups are your dashboard for managing your linked social accounts. Flick is no longer just for Instagram and Social Groups will help you manage the social media accounts that you bring into Flick!

So, whether you’re still here for Instagram, or you’ve got your eyes set on Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, and more, this guide is here to help you understand how you can use Social Groups.

Each Social Group can hold a group of different social media accounts, so you can keep each brand's socials together in one place. For example, you may have one brand with an Instagram account, a Facebook Page, and a TikTok account. You can house all of these accounts under one Social group.

You can create an unlimited number of Social Groups. However, the amount of social profiles you can link is dependent on your subscription plan:

  • Solo: 4 Social Profiles

  • Pro: 8 Social Profiles

  • Agency: 20 Social Profiles

* A social profile is defined as any one social media account. Ex. 1 IG account = 1 social profile.*

Creating a New Social Group

When you first link an account to Flick, your first Social Group is automatically created and will take the name of the first account you connect.

If you want to create a new Social Group you can follow the steps below to create and link your social media accounts.

1. Navigate to your Workspace
Head to your Workspace Settings located in your ‘settings’ menu at the bottom of your page.

2. Creating a new Social Group
Click on the button to ‘Create new Social Group.’

3. Name your Social Group
Give your new Social Group a name. This should reflect the brand, client or socials you're working with.

4. Connect your socials
Link your social accounts to your Social Group by clicking ‘Link Socials’

Select the type of social media account you’d like to link. Currently, you can link your Instagram account, Facebook Page, and TikTok accounts to Flick. (We’ll be adding more very soon!)

5. Add social accounts
Link your socials to Flick! If you’re having trouble doing so, you can follow the links in the wizard to other self-help guides.

Editing Social Groups

Click on the options button in your Social Group to change the name, or delete your Social Group.

🚨Note: Deleting your Social Group will remove the connected accounts too along with any scheduled content. Re-connecting your social accounts will not bring back any lost data.


Q: What socials can I add to my Social Group?

A: Currently, you can add your Instagram, Facebook Page, and TikTok account. We’ll be adding LinkedIn very soon! If you’d like to tell us which Social Media accounts you’d like to see on Flick, you can do so here.

Q: Can I add multiple of the same type of social to a Social Group?
A: No. You can only add one of each type of supported social account per Social Group.

Q: What data will be lost if I delete a Social Group?
A: If you delete a social group, all data collected in the social will be lost, including analytics and Collections.

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