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How to Use Flick’s Reporting Tools
How to Use Flick’s Reporting Tools

Find out how Flick’s Reports work and what you can expect to see, whether via email or in-app. 

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Knowing your Instagram account’s performance is key to continued growth on Instagram. With Flick’s Email Reports, you can get a weekly digest with your hashtag, content, and account-based insights, sent straight to your inbox every Monday.

What Are Reports?

It’s now even easier to get the insights you need to help you improve your Instagram performance. Your weekly report will round up and summarize your account’s key metrics and let you know the actions you need to take to move the needle next week.

What Can You Expect To See

Everything you know and love about Flick, is available from your email.

A weekly round-up of:

  • Your key account-based performance metrics

  • How many hashtags you’ve ranked on

  • Your top-performing content

  • Which day your profile was generating the most interest

  • Your change in followers

  • The latest Instagram marketing tips, tricks & trends from our blog

How To Get Your Report

In Flick

You can activate and view all your reports from the ‘Reportstab within analytics and manage which Instagram account(s) you want to receive reports for.

Via Email

Once reports are enabled, you’ll receive an email every Monday with your report ready to view in your inbox.

You can view, or enable your reports from here!

We do hope you found this article useful. If you need any further assistance, or simply have some questions, please contact your friends at Flick either by in-app live chat or email.

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