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Learn what Flick's Hashtag metrics mean, and how you can best use them.

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Struggling to understand what each hashtag metric means? Here you’ll find a glossary of Flick’s Hashtag Metrics that will help you find the very best hashtags for your account. These metrics are available in both search, and user-created Collections.

Competition Score: The number of people you’ll be competing against on a specific hashtag.

Potential Reach: The number of people you’re likely to reach if you rank on a specific hashtag.

DAPC (Daily Average Post Count): The average number of posts made into a hashtag, daily! (Based on the last 7 days of activity).

Average Likes / Comments: The average number of likes / comments received on content that has ranked in the ‘top posts’ section of a hashtag.

Posts Made: The total number of posts that have been made with the hashtag overall.

💡 Best practices

  • You will increase the reach of your post with hashtags when you rank in the ‘top posts’ section of a hashtag.

  • To rank on a hashtag the ‘likes’ on your piece of content must be similar to or greater than the average ‘likes’ of the content that is currently ranking (in the top posts section) of a specific hashtag.

  • You may not get results even though you've ranked if the hashtag has no one searching it or if the hashtags used aren’t relevant enough to your content, meaning you’re reaching people outside of your target audience.

  • You can see the Impressions you’ve received from hashtags on a specific piece of your content by going into your post analytics.

We hope this helps, and as always, feel free to send us a message if you have any questions!

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