Flick experienced some downtime of hashtag tracking capabilities. Starting on Saturday, 24th April 01:58 (GMT) - this was due to a bug within Facebook/Instagram API.

This API is used to find which posts rank for a given hashtag. Flick uses this API and a few others to track all the hashtags you use in your posts.

It was reported by Facebook that on Saturday, 24th April around 01:00 GMT that this API was not working as expected and was unable to return any posts made onto these hashtags during the downtime.

Due to this Bug, hashtags were not tracked over the last 36 hours, and your posts may have appeared in ranking positions on a hashtag feed without Flick being able to notify you.

Frustratingly, Flick was unable to recover from this issue until Facebook issued a fix on their end. This bug was reported as fixed at 12:01 AM GMT Tuesday 27th April.

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience that this has caused. We are aware many users rely on Flick for their businesses to thrive. Unfortunately, Flick and many other Instagram analytics products had to wait for the API to be fixed.

We appreciate your patience, support, and understanding. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact support via email: Support@flick.tech

Thank you for your understanding,


Sam, Loic, and Andreas


Co-Founding Team

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