Since their release, Collections have been a key feature for many of Flick's users. However, one piece of feedback continuously surfaced in the conversations we've had with our users: Being able to quickly store and access hashtags that rank or perform well for a user's account.

Introducing...."Smart" Collections!

For the first time ever, Flick will be building and managing Collections for you! Last March, we released hashtag tracking, a feature that allowed users to finally discover which individual hashtags were performing on their account. Today, we introduce the missing link between hashtag performance tracking and hashtag Collections.

Now, when your hashtags rank, Flick will automatically add them to your "Recently Ranked" collection. For hashtags that perform well over multiple posts, Flick will add them to your "Top Performing" collection.

Both of these new ‘Smart Collections’ will also be available directly from our new ‘Home’.

Flick's Recently Ranked Smart Collection

You will now be able to seamlessly pick hashtags from your manually created Collections and combine them with hashtags you know work well from the same page!

What if my smart collections are empty?

If your smart collections are empty don't worry, as you make new posts, Flick will track your hashtags' performances and gradually fill your recently ranked and top performing collections up.

Note: Smart Collections are only available to users who have hashtag performance tracking in their plans. You can upgrade your subscription here.

If you have any questions regarding smart collections or anything else please email or message us via the in-app chat.

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