Quickly find the perfect hashtags for your account

Flick's search filters allow you to quickly filter out hashtags that are too small or too large for your account - to learn more about what sized hashtags you should use, click here.

This article includes a written step by step guide, example search, and accompanying video so you can see the feature in action.

Advanced Search Filters: Step by Step Guide.

Step 1: Open the filter menu

Step 2: Select a filter type

You can choose from Suggested, Saved and Advanced filters. Suggested filters will allow flick to automatically suggest the best filters to use, based on your Instagram stats, such as average likes. This is great when you're getting started with filters. Saved Filters will allow you to re-use advanced filters you have already made, and saved. Advanced Filters allow you to fully customise your search, this post will help you understand how to use Advanced filters.

Step 3: Build your filter

To set a filter, pick the metric you would like to filter by. Currently, Flick allows you to filter by:

  • Average Likes - The average number of likes the ranking posts get on a hashtag

  • Total Posts - The total number of posts made on a hashtag

  • DAPC - Daily average post count - the average number of posts made daily using the hashtag

To adjust the restrictiveness of your filter, slide the scale, or enter a number into the input box to set a 'minimum' and 'maximum' for that specific metric.

Example: if you were filtering by Total Posts and set a minimum of 50k, and a maximum of 200k, this would mean the hashtags suggested to you within the search table have between 50-200k total posts on them.

Once you've chosen your filters, click apply.

Keyword Searching (private beta)

Recently we've added a beta feature that gives you the ability to filter your search results by keywords. Hashtags that do not match your keyword specifications will be hidden from the table.

Step 4: Set your filters active

By clicking 'Apply', you will activate the search filters and all open searches will adjust their results to fit the parameters you have set. All future searches in the session will also provide search results with those filters applied.

You can remove or modify your search filters at any time during your Flick session and they will be applied to your open and future searches.

Save your filters

If you've created a set of filters that you'd like to use again in the future, you can save them as a preset, and quickly apply them the next time you visit Flick.

To do this, once you've applied your filter, on the right side of the filter bar, you'll see a button with 'save' on it. From here you can label your filter and it will be available within the filters menu next time, under the saved filters heading. You can find your saved filters here:

Put what you know into action. Check out the example below.

What have we done?

We've highlighted how to use Flick's advanced features with our ladder strategy, which you can learn more about here.

We've made 3 searches based on the following facts, the account used gets an average of 400 likes, and we're searching for fishing-related hashtags.

First Search - Low Competition Hashtags

We know our account averages around 400 likes, you can find your average by adding the likes of your last 12 posts and dividing this number by 12. This will be your average likes.

We want to find some lower competition hashtags for our first set, so we've set our filters below our average likes to find easily rankable hashtags. In this case, we've set our average likes to a Minimum avg. likes of 100 and a Maximum avg likes of 250. Our Total posts are set at 20,000 - 150,000 and our DAPC is set at 10 - 50


Average likes - We want to add a minimum to keep out the super tiny hashtags which won't help us rank at all, if we didn't set a minimum, we'd be looking hashtags which may be too small to help us improve!

As you can see we've set our maximum avg likes to 250, which is roughly 30% lower than our average likes. This helps us stay within the low competition hashtags and gives us the best chance of 'Climbing the ladder'.

Total Posts - We've set out total posts to a minimum of 20,000 to ensure that the hashtags we select have traffic, this gives us confidence that the hashtags returned are likely to be active and are used.

DAPC - Again, we want to make sure the hashtags returned are active and are worth using, by filtering out hashtags with no DAPC, we know that these tags are posted on every day.

Medium and High Competition Hashtags

To increase our competition hashtags, and find the second and third sets we simply have to change the filters, this will automatically set the search tabs to your new filter requirements!

Medium Competition Hashtags - We're looking for hashtags with a similar average like, and we just increase the rest of the filters to match!

In this case,

Avg Likes - 250 - 400

Total Posts - 150,000 - 300,000

DAPC - 50 - 100

High Competition Hashtags - These should be above your average likes, 30% and higher! In this case,

Avg Likes - 500 - 1000

Total posts - 300,000 +

DAPC - 100 - 500

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