We are sorry you are thinking of canceling your subscription! We'd love to help. Message our team with any questions or concerns.

Note: Flick users are currently only able to cancel their subscription via the desktop version of Flick. You will not be able to cancel via your mobile browser or the Flick App.

How to cancel your subscription:

Step 1: Click your profile picture in the bottom left

Step 2: Select the Billing option from the menu

Step 3: Click on modify subscription

Step 4: Click on cancel subscription

Step 5: Answer the survey to confirm your cancellation

Once your subscription is canceled, you will retain access to Flick till the end of your trial or your billing cycle.

Please Note:

Flick.tech charges will come through on statements and charges in the following way

Any charge made from Flick via your card will read on your statement or charge, one or variations of:




Any charge made via PayPal will come through on your PayPal Statement from:
Merchant: Flick.tech ltd

all contact info will end in the flick.tech domain.

Any charges from other domain, or similar names may not be affiliated to Flick.tech. If you're unsure if a charge has come from Flick.tech you contact our support team on support@flick.tech

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