It is important to minimize the risk of using banned hashtags on your Instagram posts! If you didn't already know, some hashtags are banned or flagged by Instagram. These banned hashtags are always changing and Instagram bans and unbans hashtags all the time. Auditing your hashtags allows you to check all aspects of your hashtag selection, so you can be confident your selection is right for your account.


Banned/Flagged Hashtag Checker: Make sure all the hashtags you’ve selected are safe to use in your next post and are not currently banned or flagged by Instagram.

Suitability: Check that the hashtags selected are of a suitable size. This means they’re not too large and not too small for your account!

Slots: Are you copying your hashtags straight to your Instagram caption or comments section? This will ensure you know how many hashtags you’ve selected. If it’s not 30, we’ll let you know!

Distribution Breakdown: A visual representation of the distribution of your selected hashtags based on metrics. Currently, Competition Score is our only breakdown, but we’ll be adding more breakdowns soon!

When Should You Use Flick's Hashtag Audit?

Flick's Hashtag Audit should be the first thing you do before adding hashtags to a collection, and the last thing you do before sending your hashtags to your Instagram post. This way, you can be sure all your hashtags are safe to use and suitable for your account!

Once you have checked your hashtags, you can copy and paste wherever needed whether that’s to your Instagram post or a new or pre-existing collection to use another day.

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