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Finding Hashtags on the Mobile App
Finding Hashtags on the Mobile App

Start finding hashtags like a pro, wherever you are. This article will highlight Flick's search functionality on mobile.

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Optimized hashtag search just got better. Everything you love about Flick is now packed into our new mobile app! Flick's updated mobile app gives you the same powerful search features you're used to, anywhere you need it. Take a look below to find out everything you need to know to use search on Flick's app.

Same Search, Streamlined.

You can expect a seamless transition from desktop to mobile, with all the same search functionality. You'll be able to: Expand, Filter, Select and Copy.

Search and Expand

Searching remains simple, just enter the topic you wish to search and let Flick return results in order of competition. Deep dive into your niche by swiping from right to left on any hashtag. You'll still receive up to 40 hashtags per search, meaning you can quickly gain the hashtags you need.


Filters have arrived on mobile! Choose from your saved filters, or create a brand new filter to apply to your search.

Selected Hashtags

Same options, smaller screen. Add to collection or copy straight to Instagram!

If you haven't already, download the Flick app here!

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