Have you ever made a post on Instagram, checked the analytics, seen you’ve received impressions from the hashtags you’ve used, and thought, “If only I knew exactly which hashtags were providing me the most impressions?” This is where Flick's Analytics features come in! This smart guide will give you the tools to decipher the numbers and start making some data-driven choices to up your hashtag game.

What is Analytics?

Flick's analytic's suite is made up of several insights made up from both Instagram and Flick's own analytics data.

Flick's analytics suite brings Instagram insights into a new light. A simple design allows you to fully see your post insights and easily compare against previous posts.

What can you see in Analytics?

Basic analytics gives you all the power of Instagram Insights and then some. You'll be to see everything from impressions, comments, likes, engagement rate, audience and follower data and profile activity.

Not only will you be able to see this data, but we'll also save it so you can view this data historically to see how your account has changed over the course of weeks, months or years.

Hashtag tracking

Bring clarity to your hashtag performance and find out which hashtags your post has ranked on. With hashtag tracking, you can see exactly what hashtags your post ranked on and the position it ranked within the ‘top posts’ feed of said hashtag.

Not only does Hashtag Tracking provide clarity around which hashtags are working on a post-level, but it allows Flick to learn what hashtags are working for you over-time, couple this data up with our existing hashtag data, and provide you with the insights you need to supercharge your hashtag strategy.

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