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Analytics Overview Section

Find out everything you can view within the overview section of Flick Analytics

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Think of your Analytics Overview section as your ‘Daily Dashboard.’ Use it to check on your current post’s performance as well as your overall key performance indicators. This article will guide you through each metric you can see from the Analytics Overview section.

Latest Post Metrics

First and foremost you will view your latest post at a glance. Access all of your post insights, and see if any of your posts are ranking on hashtags you’ve used.

A top-level view of the metrics that define your account’s performance, available at a glance.

  • See how your Follower Count is evolving during the current week, or a set time period.

  • View how many people you’ve reached each day, week or month to help you evaluate which posts have performed the best and monitor the overall health of your account.

  • Understand how many people are actually visiting your Instagram profile, clicking your website or email, and generally taking more notice of your account, not just the content.

Best Time to Post

Posting times can have a direct impact on your engagement rate and the overall success of your post. Knowing the best times to post makes it easy to gain that little extra push of engagement.

Pro Tip 💡 Instagram's algorithm prioritizes showing new content on users' feeds, you’ll notice as you’re scrolling, a pop-up that lets you know when there are new posts. To get the most out of this feature, you’ll need to know what time most of your followers are online and ready to see your content.

The ‘Overview’ tab champions this often-forgotten hero and highlights the best time to post for the current day. To gain more audience data, you can navigate to the 'Account’ tab, which can learn more about audience data here

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