If you're searching for the best hashtags in your niche, then the expand feature is a must-use tool. Once you've searched your initial hashtag, you can quickly search any hashtag which has been returned in your first search. This makes finding similar and related hashtags even easier and will help you choose more relevant hashtags!

How to use Flick's expand feature

The expand feature helps Flick's users explore sub-topics within Flick at the click of a button. The expand feature can be used in both group and table views.

Using the expand feature on the table and group views

By clicking the search icon on any outputted hashtag, Flick will automatically search for relevant hashtags to that hashtag and output them in a new tab.

Preview your hashtags

Flick's Preview feature allows you to see four featured posts from the hashtags 'Top Posts' feed. This tool allows you to quickly gauge if the hashtag you wish to select fits in with your content. If you want the most relevant hashtags in your niche, you'll definitely want to take advantage of this tool!

When to use preview- you're searching for the best hashtags in your niche, and you come across what you think is the perfect tag! You'll be able to make a super quick assessment on if your content fits. If the answer is yes, then you've found your next perfect hashtag! If not, you know not to select it. Simply hover over the hashtag and the featured posts will pop-up automatically.

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