Finding new hashtags to reach your target audience is what Flick is all about, We’ve built our hashtag search to help you quickly and easily dive into your niche to find those perfect hashtags! With this, Search has two distinct viewing options; group view, and table view. We’ll be highlighting how both views differ and help guide you to the best view, for you!

Firstly let’s check out where and how we can change these views. From search, you’ll see the two options to the right of the search field. These are highlighted below.

Group View

Group view will return your search results in 3 categories, low competition, medium competition, and high competition. This view will help you quickly choose your hashtags based on their competition score. This view is best used by the new Flick user as it allows you to quickly see how not all hashtags are made equal.

Table view

Table view is a more advanced search view, this view will show you up to 6 data metrics about each hashtag. Table view is best utilized by more experienced users and those who would like to see more data metrics to execute their strategy. These metrics include:

  • Average Likes

  • Posts Made

  • Average Comments

  • Competition Score

  • Potential Reach

  • Daily average post count

If you would like to learn more about Flick’s Hashtag metrics, you can read more about them here: How to use Flick's Hashtag Metrics

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