There are a few reasons why your feed post may not have been tracked. When you see ‘Not Tracked’ in the ‘Ranked Hashtag’ column within the Content Tab of Analytics this means there has been an issue tracking your post.

When you hover over the ‘Not Tracked’ button, you’ll see a pop-up with the most likely reason the post has not been tracked.

This could be happening for one of the following reasons:

  • At the time your posts were made, you were not registered with Flick, or had not linked the associated Instagram Account. Our system will only track the posts of users who have posted after their account was linked.

  • It has not been long enough since posting for Flick to start tracking. It can take up to an hour after posting to Instagram for Flick to start tracking your post.

  • You may have an expired access token or Invalid permissions. If you see ‘Connection Lost’ in your Notifications Centre, please follow the steps to refresh your account connection. You can learn more about access tokens and permissions here

  • You have reached your tracking limit. If you are on a Solo or Growth account you may have reached your post tracking limit. For Solo, the limit is 10 posts per month, and for Growth, this is 30. Any posts made after this limit has been reached will not be tracked.

Story posts work in a slightly different way, although some of the reasons are the same, there are a few extra things to check, to make sure Flick can track your Story posts

  1. Your permissions may not be fully up to date. Similar to the above, you’ll need to grant the correct permissions to Flick in order for us to access Story posts. If you’ve recently refreshed your permissions, and are still not seeing your Stories. Try heading into Facebook Business Integration Settings > Flick > View and Edit and making sure everything is enabled.

We do hope you found this article useful, If you need any further assistance, or simply have some questions, please contact your friends at Flick either by in-app live chat or email.

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