If you're used to saving your hashtags in your notes apps, excel or anywhere else for that matter, you'll know it's hard to keep organized and trying to select the hashtags you need is difficult. It's to change that. Import all your hashtags into one centralized place and create a new level of organization.

You can get started importing hashtags into a collection in 2 easy steps.

Step one

Open Collections and select the collection you wish to import your hashtags into, or simply create a new Collection.

Step Two

Head to the Collections menu button and select ‘Import’. This will open up 3 options for you.

1. Import from Clipboard - You can use this option to paste in from anywhere you have ‘copied’ from.

2. Import from IG Post - You can select this option to choose from a drop-down menu of your latest IG posts, and import the hashtags you used within that post.

3. Import from previous export - If you exported hashtags but at the time did not make a collection, you can use this to find that export and quickly create a collection.

If you need any extra help with importing your hashtags please contact your friends at Flick either by in-app live-chat or email.

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