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Flick Is Not Returning Results For My Search
Flick Is Not Returning Results For My Search

Find out what you can do when searching doesn’t go to plan.

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There are a few different reasons as to why Flick cannot return a search or may return hashtags you were not expecting. This article is going to highlight 3 possible reasons as to why you’ve not been able to search for a keyword as expected.

You may receive this error when searching if the searched keyword is already banned or flagged by Instagram. Flick will not search these hashtags on your behalf.

Another common reason you may not see any search results is the keyword has been misspelled. Misspelled words will often not return any results.

Filter restrictions may also have an impact on your ability to return hashtags. If your filters are too narrow, you may find that there are no hashtags within the parameters you have chosen. In this case, you can always alter your filters or remove the filter from your search.

You may also notice that your search returns hashtags in a different language. This is also most often associated with having restrictive filters.

If you are having any issues whilst searching in Flick, and you need some more help, please do get in contact with customer support who will be able to help and advise you.

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