Switching to an annual subscription could save you 20% on your subscription. If you love Flick and find yourself using the tool in your everyday life, then swithcing to annual might be suited to you! Switching is easy, straightforward, and can be done from your billing settings within Flick!

Step One

Head to your billing settings and hit the modify subscription button. This will bring up your current billing cycles, and your cost breakdowns.

<image of step and breakdown>

Step Two

Once in these settings, you'll be able to play around with Flick's different pricing plans, including the yearly subscriptions. All costs are automatically applied and highlighted so you know exactly you're paying for.

Step Three

Once you're happy with your chosen yearly plan, hit the 'confirm changes' button. You'll be directed to a second confirmation button to apply your new subscription!

If you have any questions about any of Flick's subscription plans, please get in touch with customer support via the in-app chat or via email.

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