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How Does Flick’s Affiliate Program Work?
How Does Flick’s Affiliate Program Work?

Generate a stable monthly income with Flick!

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Our affiliate program is a way for you to share your love of Flick to your audience and gain commission on any user who signs-up from your referral. Simply put, we’ll pay you to bring new users into Flick!


We’ll give you a personal referral link, and with this link any user who signs-up and converts their trial into a paid subscription, you will receive 20% recurring commission of their subscription value for the lifetime of that user!

You’ll gain access to your own personal dashboard, so you can see how many users you’ve converted, and how much you’ve made through your link.


You’ll get your commission paid to you monthly, automatically. There is a minimum payment of $25.00 and we do this to make sure each payment is worth receiving!


You’ll be in charge of how you market your referral link, whether that’s through your Instagram audience, YouTube videos, or other creative ways to get your voice heard.

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