How to Organize Hashtags

Find out some of the ways our top users are creating their Collections.

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Are you struggling to keep your hashtags organized? Creating hashtag collections can help you streamline this process and use more targeted, relevant hashtags making it easier for you to use the perfect hashtags for each post.

Here are five different ways that some of our top users organize their collections. These ideas should give you some inspiration and guidance on how to create your own collections.

Topic and Niche Organization

You can organize your collections by sub-niche and topic. This might include different collections for different topics related to your content. For example, location hashtags, topic-specific hashtags, community hashtags and audience-specific hashtags.

Content Specific Collections

If you have a particular theme or focus for your Instagram account, you might find it helpful to create collections based on that theme. For example, if you have a food-focused account, you could have separate collections for different types of cuisine, such as Italian, Mexican and Chinese.

Strategy Specific Collections

Organizing your collections based on strategy can be incredibly beneficial, as it allows Flick to provide specifically suggested hashtags based on the metrics used in the collection.

For example, you could create collections for low-competition hashtags, medium-competition hashtags and high-competition hashtags. By organizing your hashtags into specific-sized collections you can be sure Flick's suggested hashtags are going to be as relevant as possible to each collection.

Collections for Each Scheduled Post

If you like to plan out your Instagram posts in advance, you might find it helpful to create collections for each individual post. That way, when it's time to post, you can quickly copy and paste the appropriate collection of hashtags.

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No matter how you choose to organize your hashtags, the important thing is to find a system that works for you and your Instagram strategy. Happy organizing!

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