The different Types of Instagram Hashtags
Get to know the different types of hashtags and their uses!
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For the perfect hashtag formula, try to use a mix of the below hashtags (minus banned & flagged) in your posts. Make sure they are all related to what you are posting about, but have a variety of different types of hashtags, to really expand your reach!

Banned hashtags: These are hashtags considered inappropriate by Instagram, and therefore posts featuring them are penalized. Using them might get your account shadow-banned, so steer clear (Flick never suggests banned hashtags).

Flagged hashtags: Hashtags that have been reported by users as inappropriate and that are currently under review by Instagram. Instagram will not show you recommendations for hashtags that are flagged.

Community Hashtags: Community hashtags (otherwise known as branded hashtags) are hashtags that are specific to your account. For example, Missguided’s #babesofmissguided.

Product hashtags: Just like it says on the tin, these are product-specific hashtags. You might use these if you’re a food blogger for example, and want to use hashtags that describe the specific branded ingredients you use. These can also include using specific companies branded hashtags that are already established, in your own posts.

Niche hashtags: These are hashtags that consider specific topics, usually related to your account niche. Let’s say you’re a beauty Instagrammer - some examples of topical hashtags you might use could be #redeyeshadow, #wingedlinerlook, or #lashesoftheday.

Audience specific hashtags: These are hashtags used to describe or target a specific audience. Much like topical hashtags, they are descriptive and niche. If you wanted to target people interested in beauty; you might use the hashtag #beautylover or #makeupartist for example.

Location hashtags: Location hashtags can be really useful when you want to reach people in - you guessed it! - a specific location or area. They are really great when you want to get to a very specific audience, as the only people likely to be viewing these hashtags either live in the specific location, or are planning on going there to visit. Some might include: #londoneats, #londononabudget or #vintagelondon.

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