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Can’t See the Instagram Account You’re Looking for?
Can’t See the Instagram Account You’re Looking for?

In this article we’ll highlight some reasons as to why you may not see you may one if your Instagram accounts when linking to Flick.

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Invalid Permissions & Expired Access Tokens

What are invalid permissions and access tokens?

For Flick to access your Instagram account, Flick requires you to give permission to access this information. This is done through Facebook. Sometimes, when linking an Instagram account to Flick, some of the settings needed to access your data are switched off. Access tokens are unique codes that identify a social media account, Flick connects to your Facebook, and subsequently your Instagram account through your access token. These tokens are temporary and from time to time will need to be refreshed.

To fix both of these issues above, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Head to your Workspace

    💡 If you see 'Fix Errors' in your Social Group - Click to fix it and follow the instructions below.
    If you do not see any errors in your Social Groups, click 'Edit Linked Socials' -> From here please 'Unlink' your account and then click 'Connect' and follow the instructions below:

    1. In the Facebook pop-up, click 'Edit Settings
    2. Select your IG accounts and associated FB pages (Make sure you are selecting all IG accounts and all associated FB pages that you plan to connect to Flick, not just one at a time!)
    3. Make sure all permissions are enabled
    4. Continue and refresh your connection.

    Video Demo:

Facebook Business Integrations

Another common reason why you may not see one of your Instagram accounts is they have not been granted the correct integrations within Facebook. You can easily and quickly check this by following the guide below.

1. Head to Facebook business integrations settings here

2. Click on Flick’s integration ‘view and edit

3. From here, make sure all Instagram accounts and their associated FB pages are ticked and any other settings are enabled

4. Save your new settings and head back to Flick.

5. You should now be able to select any accounts which were unticked by clicking ‘refresh accounts

Common Prerequisites to Linking

There are three key prerequisites to linking any Instagram account to Flick, these three ‘rules’ must all be true in order to link your account.

Please check and make sure the following rules are true for you account:

  • Your Instagram account is a business or creator page

  • Your Instagram is linked to a Facebook business page, not a profile.

  • Your Facebook profile is an admin of the Facebook page

Once these rules are true, head to Flick to link your account.

If you are still having trouble linking, please in touch with your friends at Flick either by our in-app live support or via email. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as possible and get you linked in no time!

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