How Does Flick's Tracking Work?

This article will give you an understanding of how Flick tracks your Instagram posts.

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Flick’s Instagram Analytics allows you to understand more of your target audience by showing you which individual hashtags are performing on your posts. To do this, Flick tracks each of the posts you make through Instagram’s official API. Analytics is currently only available for Instagram. We can track:

  • Feed Posts

  • Reels

  • Story Posts

Without boring you with the technical details, here is a brief description of how we track your Instagram posts.

Connecting Your Account to Flick

Once you’ve connected your account to Flick. You provide Flick with permission to access certain data about your Instagram account, including your post insights.

Tracking Your Hashtags

We continuously monitor your account to detect new posts you make. When a post is detected we query Instagram to find out which hashtags you are using. The initial tracking can take up-to 1 hour, depending on when you post. Once we’ve detected a new post the hashtags used are added to a database and periodically refreshed.

Determining Ranking Hashtags

If your post appears in the top 100 posts of a hashtag feed, congrats! You have ranked on that hashtag! We then send that information to our front end for you to view.

The steps outlined above are very much simplified but are meant to give you a brief understanding of our system. It is important to note that Flick will stop tracking a post 7 days after you initially posted it. This is because almost all of the engagement on that post would have happened by then and there is no further value in tracking it.

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