If you're looking to add more social groups to your subscription there are two different options for you:

  1. Upgrading your subscription type

  2. Adding extra social groups to your current plan

Upgrading your subscription can be an effective and great value option to gain more social groups. However, If you're in need of additional Social Groups, you can purchase these from Flick’s billing section.

1. Navigate to Billing

Head to your billing page and click 'modify subscription'. Once here, you can select the number of extra slots needed.

Confirm the changes and save for the billing to take effect.

2. Creating Your New Social Group

Once you've purchased your new Social Group, You'll need to head back into the Workspace area, where you can create your new Social Group:

  1. Click ‘Create New Social Group’

  2. Name your Social Group

  3. Link desired social accounts

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