With Flick's pricing plans, comes a choice of how many posts you would like Flick to Track.

You’ll be able to see this limit from your dashboard and keep track of how many posts Flick is tracking, and how many you’ve got remaining.

Your tracking usage will run for one calendar month and reset on the first day of each new month.

What if I hit my limit?

You will receive an email from the Flick team when you have just 3 tracked posts left. If you do post more than this limit, Flick will not track posts made after the limit has been reached.

If you find that you keep running over your limit, you do have the option to increase the number of posts we track. You’ll be able to do this from your billing settings or your tracking dashboard.

If you have any other questions regarding your tracking limit, please contact customer support using the live chat or via email.

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